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Meet Franci & I Love Bali Dogs

Photo: @francibalidog / @ilovebalidogs 


Canine Coffee: Tell us your name, where you’re from, and when/why you put roots down in Bali

Franci: My name is Francesca, and I am from Italy. I put my roots down in 2002 when I definitively moved to Bali after over 10 years of frequent holidays on the island.

Canine Coffee: What is your organization, and why does it exist?

Franci: More than an organization I would say- I am a solo rescuer who firstly started to save Bali dogs and then also became a big promoter. In 2006 I created a sticker “I Love Bali Dogs” and printed a thousand copies to spread around the island to love, care and respect for these dogs. It was a tribute in memory of Pakita, one of my beloved street dogs poisoned for meat trade. My BF Cori then arrived to help, and launched ‘I Love Bali Dogs’ on social media to spread the message, connect the Bali dog community and promote the heritage of this unique dog.We can proudly say that in all the years of ‘I Love Bali Dogs’ not only were over 2500 dogs saved, but another thousand could get assistance to find a home... and their rescuers are connected thanks to our operative FaceBook group.

Canine Coffee: When did you first notice the growing number of street dogs in Bali?

Franci: Since my first trip to Bali 30 years ago I noticed hungry, homeless dogs.

Canine Coffee: How did you start the journey to helping for these dogs in need? Was it intentional or accidental? 

Franci: I have always been an active animal lover. Once I moved permanently to Bali it was immediately clear that helping Bali dogs was my journey. And since then, I never stopped to do my best every day. I would say it was my written destiny.

Canine Coffee: What are a few accomplishments you’ve achieved over the last several years? What are you most proud of?

Franci: I am proud of every single dog that I’ve been able to save. The fact that 2500+ dogs could make it because I did care is the greatest accomplishment I could ever achieve.

Canine Coffee: What type of aid do you currently receive?

Franci: I have no fixed funds and depend 100% on help from donors. The most aid I get is from close friends that make it possible for me to never surrender and keep on to saving dogs even when in the worst times.


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