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Meet The Animal Pad

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Canine Coffee: Tell us about yourself, and any key members of The Animal Pad

Corina: I am the director of partnerships. I work with local businesses to partner on getting the word out about us and what we do, as well as partner on promotions that benefit both us and our partnered affiliate. We have a ton of key members at The Animal Pad, including but not limited to:

Our care team that cares for the dogs in our medical clearing facility
Our foster team who finds foster homes for our pups once they are medically cleared the The adoptions team who obviously find our pups furever homes
Operations who ensure things go smoothly from department to department on a daily basis, and
Our HQ team who takes care of our HQ needs on top of that we have the creative, finance, fundraising, outreach, events, gratitude, and vetting departments... and probably some I don’t even know about. All of these teams are essential to keeping our organization going and ensuring we can continue to help as many animals as we can.

Canine Coffee: What is your organization, and why does it exist?

Corina: The Animal Pad was founded by Stephanie Nisan about 10 years ago, with the goal of rescuing as many dogs as possible from the high kill shelters in northern California.

Canine Coffee: When did you first notice the growing number of street dogs in Mexico?

Corina: I think it was a couple years ago that we really started to recognize that Mexico really had a lot of dogs who needed our help. I started volunteering over a year ago, and Mexico pups have been our primary focus during that time.

Canine Coffee: How did you start the journey to helping for these dogs in need? Was it intentional or accidental? 

Franci: For me personally, I kept seeing all the horrible social media posts about animals in bad situations… and being abused. Then I saw some posts from a friend/co-worker about volunteering at The Animal Pad and helping dogs in need. I decided to reach out to try and help make a difference and have not regretted it once since :)

Canine Coffee: What are a few accomplishments you’ve achieved over the last several years? What are you most proud of?

Corina: I have only volunteered about over a year now but in that year (2020) we quadrupled the amount of dogs rescued which is huge. We also acquired an awesome HQ which has really opened up our potential for rescue going forward. I think both the amount of animals rescued (bunnies and cats too!) and the fact that we have limitless possibilities with our new HQ are both huge accomplishments for TAP that everyone is very proud of.

Canine Coffee: What challenges do you have? How do you overcome them? What do you think would make some of these challenges easier to overcome?

Corina: There are several challenges I am aware of including:

finding homes for some of the dogs with med or behavioral issues (both foster and furever)
Having enough partner vets to care for all our dogs in our care
Having solid volunteers that continuously do their volunteer jobs and continue to contribute to our cause
Honestly we have such an amazing team of directors that I have never seen a challenge come up that we have not been able to overcome as a team :) 

Canine Coffee: What type of aid do you currently receive?

Corina: We are 100% donation based. This includes folks that donate on a continuous basis, one time donations, partnership donations, sponsorship and adoption donations and money from fundraisers, events and merchandise sales. 

Canine Coffee: Tell us a little about your go to tools that help make the lives of these dogs more stable and comfortable.

Corina: We have a care team that takes amazing care of our dogs while in our care, a behavior and wellness team that works on behavior issues for dogs in our care, in foster and dogs that were adopted, a vetting team that ensures our dogs receive any and all medical care that they need to live their best lives and a new HQ where they get to stay indoors and are well cared for until they can go to foster homes.

Canine Coffee: What kind of impact do you think you could make if you had passive, consistent income?

Corina: There is no limit to our potential in rescuing animals and helping the community. We currently do have a pretty consistent income but if it was something guaranteed each month we might feel more comfortable making larger investments on some of the HQ and vetting items that could benefit our team and our pups.

Canine Coffee: What is your vision for the future?

Corina: From our website “ to build, operate and maintain a no-kill animal sanctuary. This would be the model to expand into other cities, and help others who would like to create similar shelters.”


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